We love protecting our eyes and face with Helm-A-Cap visors!

The idea of creating a detachable visor came to me when I started putting on a baseball cap under my helmet while I was riding my bike or scooter to school. After a few uncomfortable rides, I realized that there is a need for a more practical solution, and decided to design a visor for sports helmets. I was a student of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Manhattan Beach at the time, I was 12 years old and was excited to learn the process of creating a business. Not very long after that and with the help of my supervisors and parents, Helm-A- Cap was born.

Through the program, I was named the runner-up of the YEA's Shark Tank-style Investor Panel event where I was awarded with seed capital for my business. Competing as one of the youngest students in my YEA class, this was a major feat for me. Helm-A-Cap products are available online, at regional fairs and some regional bicycle stores right now.

Majority of the proceeds from sales go directly to my college fund. Additionally, I have chosen a worthy cause to contribute since not everybody in the world is so fortunate to have access to transportation let alone recreational sports. Part of our proceeds go to WHEELS 4 LIFE, a non-profit charity, that provides bicycles to people in great need of transportation for work/school/health throughout the developing world. For more info, please visit https://www.wheels4life.org.

As always, we appreciate your purchase, photos and 5-star reviews that help our small business grow. Please browse through the shop and see the variety of options available.

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